Thank you for checking out the Coffee Shop at the Joplin Greenhouse! Here, our motto is “DRINK LOCAL” and you’ll taste this in our cups and products. Our coffees and base recipes are hand-crafted from ingredients sourced here in Missouri. The coffees we serve all yield sweet and savory notes alike and were hand-selected by our barista team for their quality, flavor and product results. We alternate our menus to keep things interesting for our customers and truly give a unique experience every time. We also host a unique environment with a state of the art selfie booth, outdoor seating, and of course Plants til’ your heart’s content. We hope to see you soon!




The diet ends today. Homemade fresh to order, our Puffles contain a sweet fluffly inside with a caramel brown crunch on the outside. Short for “Puffed-Waffle,” there is truly nothing like it around! We love making our customers smile, so we offer the Puffle in a few different varieties. Plain with sugar and syrup, and as a build your own with Ice Cream and toppings. Great for Kiddos and families on an evening off!


Local is the name of the game. Both of the coffee companies we source from are micro-roasted, and kept on a regular rotation to keep things interesting. All coffees are ethically-sourced, and information regarding harvest, varietals, roast level, farms, and flavor profiles are readily available to our customers. Please check out our roasters below:

Cottage Small Coffee Roasters - Carthage, MO.

Bearded Lady Coffee Roasters - Joplin, MO.




Bearded Lady Coffee Roasters in Joplin, MO. roasts a batch of Espresso with coffee sourced from the Guatemala, Burundi, and Ethiopia regions, harvest between 1500-2000 MASL. Combined and roasted on the darker side of medium, this roast yields chocolate notes with a sweet, subtle fruity complexity.

Combined with locally sourced Ozark Mountain Creamery Dairy, this espresso serves as the bases for the best specialty coffee in the Joplin area.