Why Choose Local?

Here at Joplin Greenhouse and The Coffee Shop we are all about supporting local businesses. We are loving the growing popularity of the shop local, grown local, eat local, and drink local mindset because we love supporting the community of Joplin, Missouri. But why should you, as a community member, care about the local small businesses within Joplin? Simply put, by supporting local Joplin businesses we are, together, making Joplin better. That is our goal here. We want to be a small part of the big picture to continuously help grow our city. Because when you are able to support and be a part of the community around you, your the community gets better.

So, how are we supporting local?

- On the greenhouse side of things, all of the plants that you see at our shop our locally grown. Some are grown by us at our farm, and others (like our pumpkins) are grown by other local farmers in the area. We love the opportunity that we have to not only grow our own plants, but also get to build relationships with and support farmers in the Joplin area.

- Inside of the coffee shop we are also loving our locally sourced items. If you don’t already know, all of our coffees are from local roasters. We serve Bearded Lady Coffee, which is roasted right here in Joplin. And we also serve Cottage Small Coffee, which is a local Carthage roaster. From our espresso drinks to our drip coffees, all our drinks are made from locally roasted coffee companies. We love the partnerships we have with both of these roasters and their shared passion for local business. Our espresso beverages are also made with local Ozark Mountain Creamery milk, sourced from Mountain Grove Missouri.

- But the coffee is not the only thing inside of our shop that is local. We are also serving teas from Hugo Tea Company out of Kansas City, Missouri. We are so excited to be bringing Hugo to Joplin and know that you are going to love their teas as much as we do!

- We are also making many of our items in-house for the coffee shop, like our syrups and our puffles. This is something we are having so much fun with, and it also allows for us to create things that you want to see from us!

Ways you can choose local:

- Support local businesses… We love seeing you at our shop! But don’t forget about all of the other amazing local businesses we have here in Joplin. We are so blessed to live in such a thriving community with so many people who are passionate about their businesses.

- Go to the Farmer’s Market… There are so many great farmer’s markets within the Joplin area. We are a little partial to Joplin Empire Market around here, but there really are so many amazing local farmers in the area that you can find at so many farmer’s markets in the area.

- Explore Joplin… There are so many amazing local restaurants in our city, so many great shops, and so many areas to just go and explore. (Soon we will be sharing with you some of our favorite places in the city, so make sure to stay tuned!)

We love being able to support so many local businesses within our community in Joplin.

At Joplin Greenhouse and The Coffee Shop, we are committed to bringing you the best that Joplin has to offer and we hope that you will continue to join us in choosing local.